Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man

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(26-1) Introduction

Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought

Book Four: Sing Me a Song:As an investigation into the deaths of four police officers deepens, Sardius is beginning to suspect that somehow, he is the ultimate target. He is an on-the-verge-of-being-reformed alcoholic, a stoner, a man who wakes up every morning dreading the day…. The ghost of every person who has ever been shot by his police gun comes back to haunt him—including an old girlfriend.

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Paul Melniczek. My First Brazzzeer! Vivian S McClure. Removal from this earth by the hand of the Lord must come at one time or another and can be a blessing to an individual, brought about for his best interest at whatever time the Lord sees it to be optimum. The parents did suffer remorse over it. Some of the Psalms portray the anguish of his soul; yet David is still paying for his sin. He did not receive the resurrection at the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Raising Hell 4: Sing Me a Song

The answer is not a simple yes or no for either alternative. Certainly David must be viewed as one of the greatest royal administrators. He never took to himself authority that was not his nor practiced unrighteous dominion. He never lost his perspective, as Saul did.

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Perhaps Jesus, in His office of Messiah, is constantly tied into David and his reign because David did three things for temporal Israel that typify what Christ will do for spiritual Israel. David united the twelve tribes into one nation under the ultimate leadership of God. For the first time in history, David succeeded in winning the whole extent of the promised land for the covenant people see Reading And David established Zion or Jerusalem as the spiritual and political center of Israel. Nevertheless, no success can compensate for failure in our personal lives or in our families.

Consider that David was destined for exaltation, destined to rule in heaven forever and ever as a Creator and a God to his future children. David had it within his grasp, and then, in a foolish attempt to hide his sin, sent a man to his death. It would have been difficult, but not impossible. Kimball indicated that there is no restitution possible for murder. He may give his own life as payment, but this does not wholly undo the injury done by his crime. He might support the widow and children; he might do many other noble things; but a life is gone and the restitution of it in full is impossible.

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Repentance in the ordinary sense seems futile. Those who lose their possessions may be able to recover their wealth. Those defamed may still be able to prove themselves above reproach. Even the loss of chastity leaves the soul in mortality with opportunity to recover and repent and to make amends to some degree. After they have paid the full penalty for their crime, they shall go on to a telestial inheritance.

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David was a great example in his fulfillment of his calling as king, and a tragic example in his falling from glory. We can learn from both aspects of his life. It seems so harsh, when all he was doing was trying to save a holy object from being harmed. Or so it seems on the surface. But reflect for a moment on the incident. The ark was the tangible object that symbolized the presence of God, His throne, His glory, His divine majesty see Reading When first given to Israel, the ark was placed in the Holy of Holies in the tabernacle, and not even the priest was allowed to approach it.

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Only the high priest a type of Christ could approach it and then only after going through an elaborate ritual of personal cleansing and propitiation for his sins see Reading D The holiness of God is clearly taught in scripture. No unclean thing can dwell in His presence see Moses His presence is like a consuming fire see Hebrews However well-meaning, Uzzah approached casually what could only be approached under the strictest conditions. He assumed that the ark was in danger, forgetting that it was the physical symbol of the God who has all power.

What man can presume to save God and His kingdom through his own efforts? Touching the ark, the throne of the divine glory and visible pledge of the invisible presence of the Lord, was a violation of the majesty of the holy God. The Lord is in His heavens and does not need the help of men to defend His kingdom. Yet in our own time we see those who fear the ark is tottering and presume to steady its course.

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  • We hear of those who are sure that women are not being treated fairly in the Church, of those who would extend some unauthorized blessing to those not yet ready, or of those who would change the established doctrines of the Church. Are these not ark-steadiers? McKay applied this lesson to modern Saints:. You remember the case of Uzzah who stretched forth his hand to steady the ark. We today think his punishment was very severe. Be that as it may, the incident conveys a lesson of life.

    Let us look around us and see how quickly men who attempt unauthoritatively to steady the ark die spiritually. Their souls become embittered, their minds distorted, their judgment faulty, and their spirit depressed. Such is the pitiable condition of men who, neglecting their own responsibilities, spend their time in finding fault with others.

    But there is a principle associated with the kingdom of God that recognizes God in all things, and that recognizes the priesthood in all things, and those who do not do it had better repent or they will come to a stand very quickly; I tell you that in the name of the Lord. Do not think you are wise and that you can manage and manipulate the priesthood, for you cannot do it.

    God must manage, regulate, dictate, and stand at the head, and every man in his place. The ark of God does not need steadying, especially by incompetent men without revelation and without knowledge of the kingdom of God and its laws. It is a great work that we are engaged in, and it is for us to prepare ourselves for the labor before us, and to acknowledge God, his authority, his law and his priesthood in all things.

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    Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man
    Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man
    Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man
    Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man
    Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man
    Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man
    Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man Raising Hell 1: Origins: Soul of a Man

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