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She was caring, forgiving and lovely. I could see it as well as all characters in this book could too. Michael maybe had difficult childhood and it made him angry but never a bad person. My heart broke for him so many times during this book. It was so sad to read about young boy going through hard emotional times when nothing was his fault There was real affection and love between them, not something superficial. Moreover, proces of falling in love between Lauren and Michael was absolutely believable.

These days, there are plenty of novels where characters fall in love immediately without enough explanation why or how. Fortunatelly, it was not the case with this book. So go and read it, you won't regret it! View all 16 comments. Nov 11, Shelly Crane rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-books.

Massive love for this book! It was like she fused a YA book and an Adult one. The transitions from past to present were fluid and not confusing at all, but she still made it seem like you were reading two completely different books. It was pretty amazing how she did that. Loved both Del and Lauren. They were normal, and though mistakes were made, they were just human mistakes. It wasn't because they were stupid or being jerks, sometimes crappy things just happen and we work with what we're given. There were parts that literally broke my heart in the book, but the flip flopping back to the present helped make it where it wasn't so hard to handle for me.

For Adults Oct 29, Natasha is a Book Junkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: standalone , all-time-favorites. While Lauren grew up in a loving and supportive close-knit family, Michael was the product of a broken home spoiled by the worst kind of human indifference, and ultimately destroyed by the cruellest of tragedies. His vulnerability draws her to him, brings out the innate carer in her, making their friendship a source of strength for both. Once that line is crossed, their young hearts are changed forever, the intensity of those emotions scaring Michael into leaving Lauren behind, heartbroken and humiliated.

He gives her the one thing that he always craved to receive from his family — unconditional love — becoming that way the kind of parent his own mother and father had never been to him. The journey that Lauren and Michael travel when their lives cross paths again is one of redemption and second chances. They are tested by their own fears and insecurities, but their bond is one that withstands time, their friendship is one that withstands betrayal, their love is one that withstands heartbreak.

He never got to redeem himself with his father. He never got to redeem himself with his brother. A poignantly and expertly written story of two healing hearts, the tale of Michael and Lauren is one that I suspect you will carry in your own heart for a very long time after you finish reading it. Follow me on Facebook! View all 5 comments. Dec 11, Dilek VT marked it as nope Shelves: child-from-another-woman , second-chances.

They meet 8 years after their separation and he has a child from another woman. Nope, not my cuppa! Nov 12, Amy BW rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance , emotional. Ever want to find a book that just makes you feel all of those raw emotions? You know the ones. This is the book that will make you one minute and the next. But there have been a lot of books that I've read recently that have left me feeling like that. This one was different. Erin was so precious. I fell head over heels for her character.

She had me from the first time she said "Daddy. Looking back at the lives of Michael and Lauren, you got to see how they came to be where they are. Some of those moments were not so pleasant. I wanted to do this But life takes a different course and then there is little Erin in the picture and she brightens things up. You will too. I know it. One of my favorite moments was her birthday and the whole And you get to the end and then I was just a blubbering mess.

Like I said, the emotions were all over the place with this one. But the story itself, was beautifully written. Michael and Lauren will find a way into your heart. You just have to give them the chance. Do yourself a favor. Pick up the book.

You won't regret it. I promise. Nov 13, Jamie rated it liked it. It was a good story.. I mean come on.. I also did not really care for the back and forth going on between present time and the past.. I honestly felt a better connection between Lauren and the secondary character Adam. Now Adam was hot. I think I would have really liked a story between Adam and Lauren. There were several times in the past when I felt like there were oppurtunities to really let the sparks fly with Michael and Lauren, like at a field party..

This book just frustrated me and I was ready for it to be over. Sweet ending, you get your HEA.. I know so many people have really loved this book and I am a sucker for sappy angsty romances but this one just didnt hit all my spots. View all 9 comments. Nov 12, Cristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , contemporary.

What can I say about this book that will do it justice?

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I devoured this book like a piece of Cadbury chocolate!! This is romance at its finest!!! This is a story about second chances and forgiveness. Back to You is told so beautifully that it made me believe again in the power of true love. It has instilled hope in the eyes of this jaded gal. I was wrap What can I say about this book that will do it justice?

I was wrapped-up in the story of Lauren and Michael from page one and nothing about their romance made me cringe or even skim a page or two. I read every blessed word and their angst quickly became mine. He does things that make you want to slap him one moment and then hug him the next.

You love him for that man that he was despite some of his actions but you love him more for the man he becomes. And Lauren was so perfect but not the kind of perfect that makes you roll your eyes but instead makes you want to be her. The writing is flawless, the characters are filled with depth and you combine that with angst and love…all perfect ingredients for a beautiful book.

This story spoke to me in a way that touched my heart. Feb 15, Erica rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. This is why I read. This is it. I just melt into a puddle on the floor for a good second chance romance story. I'm still on the floor. I didn't want it to end. I want to rewind and read it again. Mar 24, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: characters-i-love , gooey-boys , favorites , books-i-own , alpha-caveman , awesome-heroines , favorite-authors. What the hell did I just read?

I mean, seriously, WTF? This book had balls. That's the only way I can think to describe it. It had the balls to mess up my night and turn me into a lip-trembling fool. It had the balls the whack me upside the head with the voice of a shattered five year old little boy who just wanted his daddy to love him. It had the balls to bitch slap me with a mother so hateful and vicious as to blame an eight year old boy for the death of his older brother.

And it had the bal What the hell did I just read?

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And it had the balls to kick my ass with a love story that rocked my world. Lastly, it had the balls to make me feel like this at the end: Damn this book had balls. Now, here's my personal note to Priscilla Glenn: Damn girl. Please don't stop writing.

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Please tell me there's more of this gooey goodness in you. Please tell me that right now you're typing away furiously. Please don't break my heart and fade away. On a side note, I've been kind of riding a wave of disappointment lately with some of the indie novels I've read. It's clear that not everyone is destined to be a great author. Some people merely have a story to tell, and that's okay, I get it.

But here's the thing. If you want to write, if you have a passion for it and are looking to send your stuff out into the world, read books like this. Understand that this is how you do the damn thing. That's enough preaching for the day. Now, onto the book. The story is told present day and utilizes flashback chapters to flesh out the past and present relationship between our protags, Michael and Lauren. There is a gap of eight years in this story, from the point our characters last see each other to the moment the reunite. A lot has happened in that eight years, we get some bullet points, but the important stuff is the before and after.

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When we meet them it's just as they're about to reconnect. It's clear there's been damage, but it's also clear these are two people who miss each other but they don't simply fall back into step, there's a lot of hurt to work through and this is no simple journey. This process is peppered with flashbacks that allow the reader to experience the evolution of their relationship, from its genesis to its ending. The present and past work in tandem throughout the story so as you're witnessing their current struggle in one breath, in the next you get to understand the elements at play in their past.

It's beautifully done and Priscilla Glenn knows precisely how to progress the story and how to shift gears, making every transition seem effortless and seamless. I was almost instantly in love with these characters. Lauren was immediately likeable and sweet and sensitive. Her love for Michael transitioned during the course of this book and through flashbacks we got to see how her love for him grew. Lauren's acceptance of Michael was unwavering. She never judged and she truly loved him, in a number of incarnations, fiercely and without pause.

Her heart was so big, so available to him, that it was impossible not to adore her. Conversely, her heartbreak was devastating to witness and though I understand why Michael did the things he did, it was no less shattering to watch Lauren go through it all. I felt for him immediately.

Yes, he was the bad boy, but not in the way many authors like to paint their bad boys these days. He was never arrogant or aggressive, he never belittled Lauren or made her question their friendship. He was broken, yes, and he displayed some reckless and dangerous behavior, but never toward Lauren. With her he was open and caring, thoughtful and generous. It was clearly he adored her, even if he wasn't able to verbalize it.

And when I read the flashback chapters of him as a small child, MY. Everything he did, all the messed up shit he said or acted out, made complete sense. I cried, I literally cried for that five year old little boy who couldn't understand why his daddy didn't love him. I cried again when his brother Aaron tried to explain what happened.

And, yes, I cried even more when his mother showed him such vitriol and venom after the death of his older brother. It was so real, so heartstoppingly painful I gasped my way through these chapters, wanting to scoop him up and tell him someone loved him. But that's where Lauren came in, that was her role. She stood up for him like only someone who truly loves you can.

She understood him in a quiet and unassuming way. She never tried to fix him, never demanded answers, she merely loved him and showed him that it was okay to be loved. Oh, and Michael's daughter, Erin, is to die for. What a sweet, perceptive, charming little angel she was. Her scenes alone are enough to make me wimper. She was beautifully and perfectly written and just what this story needed to soften some of those harder edges. Her light, her take on things, her ability to love so effortlessly Um, I don't know. But how about this - I don't give a damn. I'm all out of damns and the damn factory is closed.

That's right, I can't think of a complaint or a criticism and I'm not searching my brain to find one. Strong enough endorsement? I hope so. If you're struggling to believe me, read the book and then we'll talk. Nov 12, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance.

After deciding to go back to school to get her Masters in child psychology, she decides to work at Learn and Grow daycare to tie her over until she graduates. She wasn't prepared to run into her once best friend, the boy she never got over, Michael, as he was dropping off his little girl at the same daycare. Both shocked to see one another again, they are barely able to say hello. But being that his daughter goes to the same daycare she works at, this short meet and greet will not be the end of them seeing one another again.

And what they thought was left in the past, is far from over. Michael was the bad boy in high school everyone was afraid of and the girls flocked to for a good time. The rumors of his life have dictated how his classmates have viewed him: Fatherless, dead brother, alcoholic mother.

All his life he has paid for his families mistakes. Since his brother's death, he's been lost with no direction in his life. No one knows who Michael is, and he likes it that way until he meets Lauren. The straight A student, goal oriented, good girl. This girl, who Michael thinks is way too good for him, accepts him, and sees beyond his flaws. Michael is stunned that someone like Lauren could care about him, not be afraid of him, or judge him the way the other students in high school do. She becomes his rock. His savior. And he would do anything to keep her from being hurt by anyone. But Michael is young, confused, broken, and he makes a bad decision that tears these two apart.

He was the one person who could hurt her most, and he did. Now that Michael is older, he's changed. He's learned to move on from his demons. He's a single father, raising a sweet, adorable daughter. He has paid over and over for his mistakes. Now he wants to make amends with the one mistake he completely and utterly regrets - hurting Lauren. Lauren is the one girl, now woman, who has always given Michael her heart and soul, and never taken from him. Can he atone for what he did? He must find a way to earn her trust again. To show her that he has changed and he's not going anywhere.

Make her understand his intentions were good. Lauren is a wonderful heroine. As a teenager, she never cared what people thought of her friendship with Michael. She knew the Michael that he never showed anyone: kind, caring, fun-loving. The way she never judged Michael and just accepted him for who he was, completely took my breath away. Lauren is one of those characters that I would've liked to be best friends with in high school. She's a genuine person with a huge heart.

Lauren is still the same smart, considerate woman after all these years. But in other ways, she has changed. When she sees Michael again, all those feelings she's repressed for years, comes rushing back to her. Knowing Michael could hurt her again, she does her best to remain distant from him. But Michael has always been that one person that ignites the fire inside her where she feels empty. Not only does she struggle with her feelings for Michael, but she falls in love with his amazing little girl, Erin.

My heart melted during the parts with Erin. These two are completely different, opposites, but the kind of friendship they form is rare and genuine. He would've done anything for her. And she would've done the same. When things were bad with Michael, Lauren is the one person who knew how to reach out to him, talk him down when he would be angry. They each needed one another in their own way. When it came to each other, they were self-less, giving. What these two shared together is simply beautiful. Back to You is a touching coming of age story where two very different people form an unlikely strong friendship.

I really enjoyed following along Lauren and Michael's journey as they find each other first as teenagers, and then again as adults. You not only get to fall in love with Michael once, but twice! The emotions this book churned inside me caused me to cry my ever-loving eyes out! I strongly recommend this romantic, extremely well written story. Why is it always so hard to write about books you love so much? I am sure I can do no justice to this wonderful story about two unlikely soul mates, torn apart by the sheer intensity of their affection for each other.

Michael Delaney is the resident bad boy, notorious for throwing school desks, fighting in the school yard, smoking, drinking, and his many school suspensions. Lauren is a straight A student, especially in the advanced sciences. She is focused and driven and accomplished. And Lauren Why is it always so hard to write about books you love so much? And Lauren is "goodness" personified. She is a good daughter, a good friend, a good gymnast, and she has a good heart. A simple act of kindness leads this unlikeky pair to become the very best of friends all through high school. Neither one cares about what people think or say about their surprising bond, and instead they support, trust, protect and challenge each other.

But a week after graduation "something" happens and it tears them apart. And suddenly, it's all over. Lauren never sees or hears from Michael again. Ten years later, Lauren is working on her Masters degree in child psychology and is working at a preschool. She is confident, successful, and completely devoted to the children she works with. She has started to leave the past behind and is finally ready to embrace her future. And then suddenly, Michael turns up to drop off his his little girl, Erin, at the very same preschool, and suddenly their two very separate worlds and hearts collide I love the flashbacks to Lauren and Michael's highschool days.

I absolutely adored their first meet-up at the diner, and the easy friendship that developed. I loved Erin I loved that Michael's efforts to take Lauren to the most classy place in town ended up being a trip to Chucky Cheese. I loved reading about the difference between suppression and repression, and I thought the way psychology was weaved into the storyline was very interesting.

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And I loved that each chapter had me desperate to read the next. I was thoroughly addicted. I can't believe I had this on my "to read" pile for sooo long. I think it must have been the cover. It was almost like a cover from the old "Sweet Dreams" romances I read in high school And therein lies my point, I guess. The cover seemed a little outdated All that's missing is a Carpenter's soundtrack I'm also not entirely sure that Adam was essential to the plot. He irked me for some reason. And I just wanted him to "move along.

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