The Witch in the Woods

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Comments Comment by yoshimario40 Is revealed to be the wife or ex-wife? She apparently turned to witchcraft in an attempt to stop her husband from exploiting his workers. Also heavily implied to be the person who created Twin-hearted Construct. Comment by shydeallox Awesome artwork here. Really liked the witch and the surroundings.

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Inside the cabin, there is a painting that follows you with the eyes. Lovely details! Add to list View in 3D Links. Witch of the Woods says: Ah, so Maynard sends his goons to solve his problems, as he always does.

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Well come, goon. I will take care of you as I did the others!

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Meanwhile, as in the original fairy tale, the Witch raises Rapunzel locked in a tower, refusing to allow her outside. When she discovers Rapunzel has been visited by a Prince, she casts a mass of thorns on the Prince's path, causing him to lose his vision. The Witch then cuts off Rapunzel's hair and banishes her to an island in a snake-infested swamp.

After the Baker and his Wife finally find the right ingredients, the Witch returns to her former self and gifts the couple with a child. Soon after, a giant who was the wife of the giant that Jack had killed earlier in the film comes down to the ground and demands that the villagers hand over Jack, causing much destruction.

The Witch's magic garden is destroyed, except for a few of the beans. She then attempts to reconcile with Rapunzel and warn her of the giant, but the girl, at first not recognizing her, refuses to return to her.

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The Witch tries to curse the Prince, only to discover that the potion took away her magic powers. The Prince, now knowing it was the Witch who blinded him, leaves with Rapunzel. The Witch suggests that they hand Jack over to the giant, but the rest of the group refuse to do so. However, they soon start fighting over who is responsible for the Giant's presence, and soon they all turn on the Witch, deciding it is her fault for growing the magic beans in the first place.

Hurt and fed up, the Witch gives up on the main characters and angerly accepts the blame. She then begins to hurl several magical beans into the ground, expecting more giants to invade the kingdom and her mother to curse her again with ugliness.

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Instead, her mother sucks her down into a tar pit to her presumed death, which the main characters then use to trap and kill the giant. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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The Witch in the Woods The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods The Witch in the Woods
The Witch in the Woods The Witch in the Woods

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