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Reincarnation and karmic responsibility So many questions, so many injustices, can never be answered or corrected in the context of one life. So many close relationships are left hanging in the air. One brief life bounded by the fear of impending death enormously increases anxiety, greed, the desire for power and the fear and pain of loss, especially if we are told that death is the end of consciousness.

The fear of death and the desire to ensure our own survival leads us to kill others without the awareness that in doing so, we are injuring the great web of life which connects each one of us to all others. I have put this picture in red because of the blood we continue to shed and the wars we continue to become involved in. We reap what we sow, both as nations and as individuals and seem to be largely unconscious of this fact.

For thousands of years shamanic cultures have known that there is a ladder of connection between this world and the unseen reality which permeates and interacts with our own.

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The greatest spiritual teachers of all cultures have testified to the existence of this reality, have experienced the higher dimensions of it. Some may even have come from them. Only by cleansing the doors of perception, as Blake advised us to do, can we become aware of the presence of these transcendent worlds.

Major sources of Documentation The evidence for our survival beyond the death of the body has been carefully examined by a number of distinguished people who were interested in finding out the facts. One of the most important testimonies comes from a book called The Supreme Adventure by a distinguished scientist called Robert Crookall and He analysed a vast amount of material about our survival from every country and continent — from Brazil, from South Africa, from Tibet, from Europe, from India and from Australia.

He found that all accounts were consistent. There are seven main sources of evidence for our survival after death: 1. Communications through high-level mediums from people who have died. Direct experience through clairvoyance, clairaudience and deathbed visions. The out-of-body experiences of shamans and remote viewers 5. The testimony of cardiologists including Dr. Hypnosis, dreams and the holotropic states recorded by Stanislav Grof, M. She was a doctor and a psychiatrist and almost single-handedly, helped by her strong personality as well as her extensive clinical experience, she transformed attitudes towards death and the care of the dying.

Some had returned to life after being declared clinically dead. These thousands of testimonies convinced her that there is no such thing as death: death is an experience of transition to another dimension of reality. With a fierce and passionate strength she tried to bring her vision through into a culture which denies death and treats old people with shocking indifference. Only the body dies. The self or spirit is eternal.

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We are immortal and it is possible that we retain our individuality. There are literally millions of unseen worlds, planes or dimensions inhabited by countless billions of souls. Some reincarnate here. It is not so much what we believe in but how we live our lives here that draws us to the plane we will inhabit there. No saviour accomplishes our redemption for us. We save, redeem and heal ourselves because we have the innate capacity to do so and because we carry divinity within us, as part of the innate divinity of all life.

Many years ago when Roger Woolger and I were speaking at a conference in Cambridge, he gave me the transcript of his talk.

The Theological Significance of the Veil

Identified with nirvana 2. The intermediary plane of subtle forms, that I will call the soul-world. Identified with samsara. Within the different planes of spirit and soul are many, many worlds but they all interpenetrate and interact with each other and with our world. Nor does gravity act in the way it does in our world. We have to imagine an existence without the physical body where we are able to move freely and instantaneously.

We need to imagine the spirit and soul planes of reality filled with countless concentric belts, spheres or zones of matter far finer than the composition of our world and varying in vibratory frequency.

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Billions of souls inhabit these spheres or zones, attracted to the vibrational level that relates to their spiritual development. In these spheres or zones there are varying levels of higher and lower worlds, both angelic and demonic. Both of these can influence us here. Christianity in the Middle Ages was aware of nine celestial orders and Chartres Cathedral was built to incorporate that knowledge. It was also supposed to have nine towers but this plan was abandoned because of the difficulties of realising it. Underlying and permeating this plethora of worlds is the light and love of the divine ground which emanates from the highest world and animates and sustains all worlds, all levels of reality.

The Theological Significance of the Veil

What separates them from each other and makes them invisible to each other is the faster or slower vibrational rate of each level, world or sphere. The cosmic ground of being is an immeasurable ocean of light and love. We are all the embodiment, the creation of that love. Light in the higher worlds does not come from the sun but from this ineffable source of light. The closer the zones or spheres are to the source, the more radiant they are. The beauty of these higher, inner or finer zones is indescribable. Our world is permeated and sustained by this cosmic light and love and but we cannot see it or feel it until, with meditative practice and in our dreams, we become aware of it.

Just as there are different frequencies on the electro-magnetic spectrum, so there are different levels, worlds or planes on the spectrum of invisible reality — from the lowest level of vibrations to the highest. The electro-magnetic spectrum can help us to understand the existence of these different vibrational frequencies and the states of being corresponding to them. Randall, Frontiers of the Afterlife, p. Three Bodies Each of us has several bodies corresponding to the three orders of reality: 1. We have a physical body for this material world. We have a soul-body within or, some say, surrounding the physical body, sometimes called an etheric or astral body, composed of much finer particles than the physical body but resembling it exactly.

At the point of death this soul-body emerges from the physical body and is connected to it by a silver cord. Death ensues when the silver cord is severed from the physical body. This soul-body can move freely; it can create form through thought and imagination alone. It communicates telepathically. Thirdly, we have a spirit or light body or bodies of ever finer particles that correspond to more enlightened states of consciousness that are, as it were, gradually unveiled as we move closer and closer to the light of the divine ground.

In this soul-body we can see and hear as before, only more intensely. We have instantaneous access to the thoughts of others as well as to places or people whom we wish to see or communicate with. To some extent we can visit other planes of that subtle reality but we cannot visit the higher realms of the spirit world for very long until our soul-vibrations are attuned to the finer vibrations of that plane of reality.

Our culture encourages addictions of all kinds and when they die, people may remain trapped in these addictions. But with help from those in higher spheres they can move towards the light if they choose to do so. Still-born children and children who died young are cared for by loving adults and are eventually reunited with their parents when the time comes for them to make the transition.

Whereas when we do something that adds grandeur and stature to life, the whole created universe gains from that action. It can make you shiver inside to know and appreciate how far-reaching a thought or deed or word of any person can be. Prototype of the Forms in this World The forms of the intermediate soul world and the higher spirit world are prototypes of the forms of this world, only more beautiful and extraordinary. There is plenty to do in these worlds.

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We can study whatever interests us, grow things, imagine, invent, discover and generally develop ourselves as well as help those lost in denser, darker regions to move out of them. Here are houses, gardens, temples, amazing cities, schools, wonderful universities and libraries, places for scientists to experiment, for artists to create, for teachers to teach, for musicians to play instruments.

Beautiful music is one of the features most often commented on. Music can apparently create form. There are hospitals where people can rest as they adjust to their new environment. New discoveries can be made which can be communicated to scientists on earth if they will listen. What does it feel like to move from one reality to another? Here is a description from a near-death experience which is included in a book by Dr. The net was like a lattice which I did not want to break through. For a brief moment my forward movement seemed to slow down, but then I was in the lattice.

As I came in touch with it, the light flickering increased to such an intensity that it consumed and at the same time, transformed me. I felt no pain. From then on everything was different. The whole thing was like a transformer, an energy-transformer, which transported me into a formlessness beyond time and space. I was not in another place but rather in another state of being. A new edition was published in This would seem to correspond with what is called the soul in the Christian tradition.

There are many writers of earlier times who speak of a subtle, ethereal or etheric body, a radiant, luminous or shining body, a starry body; and, in the Tibetan tradition, a diamond body. St Paul spoke of a resurrection body. The white and red roses symbolise the 2nd and 3rd stages of alchemy, known as the Albedo and the Rubedo.

One of the most beautiful descriptions of the subtle body is The Hymn of the Robe of Glory or Hymn of the Pearl as it is also known. My bright embroidered robe, Which, with glorious colours; With gold and with beryls, And rubies and agates And sardonyxes varied in colour… And like the sapphire stone were its manifold hues hastened that I might take it. And my love urged me on That I should run to meet it and receive it; And I stretched forth and received it; With the beauty of its colours I adorned myself And in my royal robe of brilliant colours I clothed myself And ascended to the gate of salutation and homage.

Six Stages of the Near-death Experience 1. Feelings of peace, bliss, intense happiness. Separation from the body — Sense of weightlessness — like taking off a diving suit. Going through a tunnel — sometimes a rushing, roaring noise 4. Seeing a bright light and feeling a magnetic pull towards it 5.

Someone coming to meet us, a close relative, or a being of light. Feeling of being embraced by love 6. Restoration to perfect state of health — eyesight — hearing — limbs, even those who have had MS or Motor- Neurone Disease. Return to body if time for passing over has not yet come. Sometimes a life review — awareness of all we have done to others. Out of the housing of the flesh, the inner body emerges, and it is welcomed by those who have gone before. There are mid-wives on the other side, waiting to assist with our birth into that other dimension.

Buying things online can be scary But with the crazy prices some bridal salons are charging, brides are often wondering if it's even worth it to buy a veil. Well, thanks to Amazon, and lots of our research , we've put together a list of real brides who have had success with their Amazon veils. Check out these cheap wedding veils like the cathedral length veil, fingertip veil, chapel length veil, ivory wedding veils and more below!

See our full disclosure policy here. Wedding Veils can be crazy expensive. Some brides have said their veil was half the price of the dress! And it's for something you are probably only going to wear for the ceremony and pictures.

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We definitely don't want to spend several hundreds of dollars on a wedding veil, so we've turned to Amazon and the brides who have worn Amazon Veils, to show you the best ones! Before you jump in, here are a few things to be aware of before buying a bridal veil on any online site:. When you come across a perfect veil that looks perfect and super cheap, it doesn't necessarily mean its "too good to be true". There are some really great finds out there. But there are also some really terrible products. So, be sure to read the reviews from past buyers, and decide if it's worth the risk.

Speaking of worth the risk Amazon is known for having a really great return policy, but that's not on every product you purchase. Be sure to check and see if you'll be able to return it if need be. Amazon Prime makes it super easy to return for the most part as well. You can order a few, and pick the perfect one, and send back the ones that don't work that well. Which brings us to our next point. Order your veils early enough, so you'll have time to return and keep looking if it doesn't work the way you had hoped.

Ordering early will help you see if its the perfect fit, and if not, you'll still have time to try some more. Just because you buy a veil, it doesn't mean it has to stay the exact way it came. Jazz it up with beading, lace, crystals, etc. You can cut it, put two together, or even just use parts. Need a different color? Dip it in tea bags or light color dyes. Make it your own! Does it come with a comb? Or do you need to purchase another? Again, buying online is always a little bit of a risk, but saving hundreds of dollars on a veil that you'll only wear for a couple hours is so worth it.

Check out some of our bride's favorite veils below! This veil was absouletly beautiful with a mantilla style. It was everything I could have hoped for at an affordable price. It laid perfectly on the train of my dress without having to be steamed. It was a little on the heavier side but that was to be expected due to being cathedral length and the lace and sequin appliques. With a few extra pins, I had no issues with it falling out.

The veil has two tiers which leaves you with the option of wearing the top tier as a blusher or letting both tiers flow behind you. I would highly recommend this veil and look forward to saving it as a family heirloom. This two-tier veil is 65 cm long for the first tier, and cm for the second tier. It comes in Ivory and White. It has sequins lace and the lace appliques. It only took 3 days prime shipping to come in and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

It comes with a comb, and is made of soft tulle. Since I was a young girl I dreamed about what my big day would look like, what my dress would look like and how it would all play out. The day I got engaged the one thing I was most excited about was what I was going to wear on my wedding day. From my dress to my veil, and even the jewelry. Picking the right dress and veil were at the very top of my list. Fast forward to the day I went dress shopping I found the most beautiful dress that fit me to a T! When the lady brought a veil in for me to try on to complete the look I feel completely in love My heart was shattered because I thought the veil completed my look, but there was no way I could justify spending that much.

I left the dress shop that day determined to find a veil that look similar but that was more price efficient. I searched many sights and many bridal stores to no avail. I finally lost hope until one day I decided to just try amazon. I mean why not they have everything else! They had so many different options it blew my mind.

Some of them you could tell were not going to be good quality, but some of them were absolutely beautiful! I found a veil that looked almost identical to the one I found in the dress shop.. But at this point what did I have to lose? The veil was very fast to arrive and was actually pretty good quality. The only thing I changed about the veil was the clip, it was plastic. I just put a metal clip on it so it felt more secure in my hair! The metal clip was fairly cheap from a local craft store. This 3 meter cathedral veil comes in white and ivory, and includes a comb.

The comb part was a little flimsy but it held well. I did have to steam it bc it came in like a plastic garment baggie. Kinda like a big Ziploc bag, and pretty folded up so it was creased. But it was good quality and for the price… really can't be beat. This Fingertip Veil comes in ivory, and includes a metal comb.

It has a straight edge finish around the edges. I was worried about finding a veil to match my light ivory dress, I knew I wanted a single tier cathedral veil with no lace. And it was the perfect style!! I was so happy! This veil was absolutely amazing! I really wanted a cathedral veil but everything I was finding was out of my price range.

So, I turned to Amazon and for this one! The best part? When I received it, I hung it up and did not steam it. It hung for about a week before the wedding. It has beading along the seams which complimented my dress very well.

Love beyond Viels Love beyond Viels
Love beyond Viels Love beyond Viels
Love beyond Viels Love beyond Viels
Love beyond Viels Love beyond Viels
Love beyond Viels Love beyond Viels

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