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We also corresponded, sending material, photos and art back and forth, and in doing so managed to capture the feel of his life, his art and his career. Jim's main regret was that his memory was failing somewhat due to age, thus it wasn't as sharp when he wanted it to be, other times he'd speak in detail about events dating back to the s with such a clarity that I could imagine being there.

These conversations exhausted him somewhat and most were brief, well brief for me, lasting around 30 to 45 minutes in length. Each time we spoke Jim would do his best to answer my questions which I'd email through beforehand, mainly topics of discussion, in order to prepare him and he was sure that others would help fill the gaps. And he was right.

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A lot of people gladly gave up their time to remember what it was like working with Jim, others went above and beyond and created new pieces of art from existing Mooney work for use in the book. Jim, his family, friends and co-workers, were able to share details of his life that have never been revealed before.

The end result is a book of scope showcasing a prolific career that dates back to the early s indeed Jim's first comic book work was published a mere 18 months after the debut of Action Comics 1 and finishes with Jim's sad passing earlier this year. It's a book that's been kicked around at several publishers but never published. The final edits and polishes have yet to be done, as such this work is almost like one of Jim's preliminary sketches - an idea of what the end product should look like, virtually there, it just needs to be inked so to speak.

So until the final product does see print I thought I'd extract chapters from it and publish it here, myself, so that people can hopefully enjoy it and appreciate the life, the art, the man who was Gentleman Jim Mooney. From those days to now Mooney looked back at Man-Thing and Omega as being his best work of the s. The way he drew kids was just remarkable. He was a very, very perceptive artist with a keen appreciation of story. Not the writing, but the story itself. The job was to convey the story to the reader.

Superman and Lori the Mermaid

Jim was just fabulous at that. He was really interested and not a show off and I really appreciated it. He did what he did and he did it really, really well, and as I was trying to do, he did it in service to the story, rather than making a spectacle of himself. I found that incredibly appealing and I still do. I think he felt more proprietorship with that.

Book Excerpt: Gentleman Jim Mooney: The 's - Batman

Jim made those characters so appealing to look at and so interesting to follow while still maintaining the gritty feeling of Hells Kitchen in New York. On the back of this page Jim wrote, "A talking heads page from my favourite series. I thought the guy was an extremely talented writer, way ahead of his time, a little bit like Harlan Ellison. I enjoyed it immensely but we never had much contact with each other for some reason. We almost always worked on the phone and Steve was a very articulate guy but he never had much to say.

I knew he liked my stuff, he indicated that, and I let him know that I enjoyed working with him. So I was not very fond of that kind of an approach and when I got my first script from Gerber there it was, all full script. Usually with Marvel you had an outline and you broke it down yourself.

It was a very pleasant experience. It seemed like a bad pairing at first, but of course the work was beautiful. Despite the satanic overtones associated with both titles Ghost Rider being a man who sold his soul to the Devil and was betrayed and cursed Mooney was never bothered by the religious aspects.

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I defend their right to do it, but I also defend my right not to read it. When he later turned up on Amazing Spider-Man, I wasn't surprised.


At that age, I thought Marvel was A-number-one, the top of the comics heap and, of course, Mooney was good enough to be drawing one of their top books. Mooney took my plots and made it look as if I actually knew what I was doing. Superb storytelling with great action scenes and real human emotion. Scripting those pages was an education in itself. It was such a pleasure to get to "meet" a man I had only worked with long distance and, no surprise here, he's every bit as terrific a human being as he is an artist.

So here's to Jim Working with inker Joe Sinnott, Jim found himself working in familiar territory — a female version of an already established super-hero.

John L. Sullivan Congratulates Gentleman Jim

He used to call me up just about every couple of weeks to give me these plots that might run on for an hour, an hour and a half. And they were good, he wrote a good story but it always amazed me that Marvel had no qualms about running up a phone bill like that. And I would record our conversations, of course; but the drawback was that I couldn't necessarily ask questions once we were done talking.

So, I probably would have preferred a written script or plot, but we worked it out. She Ms. Marvel survived for awhile. It was quite a bit different to Supergirl though, more action and far looser. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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Gentleman Jim Mooney Gentleman Jim Mooney
Gentleman Jim Mooney Gentleman Jim Mooney
Gentleman Jim Mooney Gentleman Jim Mooney
Gentleman Jim Mooney Gentleman Jim Mooney
Gentleman Jim Mooney Gentleman Jim Mooney
Gentleman Jim Mooney Gentleman Jim Mooney

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