When Passion Rules

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I stumbled upon it at the library in the Best Sellers section and thought I give it a try. This book was steamy and it captivated my inner passion within the first few chapters. I would highly recommend all of her Mallory family books! They are addicting! I really wish she would continue this storyline. Maybe someday! You are commenting using your WordPress.

Scorpions - Passion Rules The Game (1988)

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Reply to this comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Without mindful awareness and wise discrimination, however, passion has a well-documented shadow. When passion is no longer compelling but obsessive, it becomes lust or greed, which can lead us to do anything necessary to get what we want or to hold on to it, no matter the consequences to us or to others. Our emotions are controlling us, rather than the other way around.

When we become attached to the emotion of passion, and desperately fear what it will be like to lose it, then we have lost touch with the spacious positive energy of passion. We see daily in the news the suffering brought by greed for money, for land, for power over others, for fame. We are all vulnerable to obsessive passion. We all get lost in it sometimes.

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The drive to earn money so you can give back to the world becomes an obsession with earning more and keeping more, and so on. Not at all. In fact, mindfulness helps us appreciate things but not to be attached to them. It helps us experience life open to each moment, with all our senses, and it also helps us cultivate evenness of mind, equanimity, and the wisdom to see that our possessions are not who we are.

We need mindful awareness so we are not driven to action by blind passion, so we have the space to see our motives and our choices and the insight to choose wisely. This frees us to engage more fully in a passionate life. So delight in your passions. Find your New Orleans or your French cooking.

Work to resettle immigrants, preserve nature, or develop solar technology. And bring mindful awareness to each moment, each action, each decision. Cultivating wise passion is the ultimate act of love; a heartfelt offering of our unique contribution to the world. Passions are powerful.

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They can lead us to do great things but also to make choices we regret. Equanimity can help. Equanimity keeps us moored to a steady state of being, not tossed about by the waves of emotion and change. Applied in pleasant situations, it allows us to experience even deeper fulfillment. With a little mindful investigation, your passion will start to reveal itself and point you in a direction—whether to pursue a vocation that engages you on every level or explore interests that feed your soul—that feel in alignment with your very purpose.

Here are some tips for unearthing your hidden passion. What do you believe in? What brings you the most joy or lights you up? It could be justice, exploring new places, family, or supporting the arts, as examples. Sit quietly, breathe in and out, holding the object in your mind, and see what arises. Allow its story to unfold without judgment. Does this story point to a new activity or direction for you? Keep asking, and keep listening. It could be lack of time, distraction, resources, or even a lack of imagination. Listen for how to overcome them. Maybe it is a supportive community, more research, overcoming conditioning.

Keep asking. When you ask this of children, they can tell you without hesitation. And I have a good voice—I can sing. And a good memory—I remember the words. What did you love to do and what did you know you were good at? Let images arise.

Remember how it felt. Is it still true? What else is true now? The world needs more of these. As a small, dedicated non-profit, Mindful brings compassion and connection into the hearts, homes, and communities of millions of our readers.

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If you find value and meaning in what we do and would like to help make the world more mindful, please subscribe to Mindful today. Thank you! Mind and breath—a shift in one impacts the other.

When Passion Rules When Passion Rules
When Passion Rules When Passion Rules
When Passion Rules When Passion Rules
When Passion Rules When Passion Rules
When Passion Rules When Passion Rules
When Passion Rules When Passion Rules
When Passion Rules When Passion Rules

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