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Possibly the most interesting thing of the entire escapade, from a personal point of view, is that it required me to risk year jail sentences to finagle import licences into Russia for the space-ready chips which would allow the supply rockets to take off.

Confronting society’s absurd enthusiasm for DARPA’s murdering ‘mad science’

A pretty good argument, therefore, against nations doing this sort of thing. Vastly expensive, counter-productive and near useless — a fairly good description of politics.

We have other examples of the, ahem, efficiency of such a system. So much for state direction of technology.

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Elon Musk is right: silly and fun things are important. But some of them are an indefensible waste of resources. While there are still humanitarian crises such as that in Syria, nobody can justify vast spending on rocketry experiments. But the insistence here is that no one may use their own assets in a manner the writer disapproves of.

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  • Which is the real problem with central, state or bureaucratic control of what is done, what projects are invested in, and what money is spent upon. Only those things approved of by the central authority, state or bureaucracy will be done, invested in or funded. Which, given that such things are decided by committees, means the entire future of the species being decided by the dullards who enjoy committees. Not, I submit, a recipe for a happy and prosperous future — as the collapse of communism showed us back in This is the work the Correlative Science Society, established by the Royal Botanic Society, has been attempting to do with most encouraging results.

    Bickerton , by R.

    C.S. Lewis, Religion, Rocketry, and Other Worlds | Paul Gould Paul Gould

    Burdon, Pegasus Press, Christchurch, , quoting an article by Bickerton in the Daily Mail, who was then apparently commenting on a plan by some Russian scientists to be launched to the moon from a large gun, a la Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon : This foolish idea of shooting at the moon is an example of the absurd length to which vicious specialisation will carry scientists working in thought-tight compartments For a projectile entirely to escape the gravitation of the Earth, it needs a velocity of 7 miles a second.

    The thermal energy of a gramme at this speed is calories The energy of our most violent explosive - nitroglycerine - is less than calories per grammer. Consequently, even had the explosive nothing to carry, it has only one tenth of the energy to escape the Earth … hence the proposition appears to be basically unsound.

    Quotes about Bickerton [ edit ] Arthur C.

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    External links [ edit ]. What implications might such a discovery have for Christian theology? Hoyle, the Cambridge astronomer and founder of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge.

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    In , Hoyle was Plumian professor of astronomy at Cambridge and engaged in thestudy of the structure and evolution of the stars. Martin Ryle, however, held to the big bang theory for the creation of the universe in a moment, the theory that eventually held sway.

    History of rockets

    In that same essay, Lewis claimed that Hoyle and many others were saying that life must have originated in many, many times and places, given the vast size of the universe. He was referring to a series of broadcast talks that Hoyle had given in , later published as The Nature of the Universe , a series of talks that argued against a Christian view of origins and the uniqueness of the Christian faith. Later, in , Hoyle championed the ancient theory of panspermia, supported these days by Richard Dawkins, that life on earth originated with the importation of living cells from space.

    The philosopher C. Disagreeing with Hoyle, Lewis thought it unlikely that life existed anywhere else in our solar system, but that it was at least possible elsewhere in the galaxy. Science is not equipped to do theology and evaluate the arguments for the existence of God, and, furthermore, the discovery of life in other parts of the universe would have no effect upon Christianity.

    Rocketry Absurd Rocketry Absurd
    Rocketry Absurd Rocketry Absurd
    Rocketry Absurd Rocketry Absurd
    Rocketry Absurd Rocketry Absurd
    Rocketry Absurd Rocketry Absurd

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