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Later, in , to please her mother, she had a church wedding in London. A son was born in , but Moore subsequently divorced her husband for adultery and cruelty, the divorce being finalised in She later married Brigadier General Sir F.

Abusive Men Are Ruining Women's Credit And Getting Away With It

Gordon Guggisberg, governor of the Gold Coast now Ghana. A rapidly accelerating divorce rate has been one of the outstanding characteristics of late 20 th century society, a trend that was already underway by Nevertheless, numbers divorcing were much lower in than later in the century, and households headed by divorced women were almost unknown although there were more widows. Here are some things to keep in mind if and when you find yourself dealing with estate planning and divorce.

Go over your inventory and make a note of what pieces were acquired before the marriage and during it. Pieces that sold during a separation should be noted, as the income from the sale may be a financial factor. Agree with your spouse on an appraisal value—either from a recent report or a new one. It's key to keep this inventory up-to-date for estate planning purposes. If you expect to continue adding to the collection throughout the marriage, you might consider negotiating the fate of these future acquisitions in your prenup. Sharing your life with another person means a lot of things get intertwined.

Even if you had the foresight to protect an emerging collection in a prenuptial agreement, if joint assets or funds were used in the care, restoration, or conversation of a piece, then your partner could claim it as a marital asset. Did you and your spouse start a collection together within the marriage? Maybe it was something you added to together one piece at a time or a passion you found on your own. Dan was 11 years older and, she thought, better with numbers than she was. She now thinks it was a way to make sure she never saw the bills.

Much of the institutional response to intimate partner abuse has focused on women experiencing physical violence. Financial abuse has rarely been a consideration, despite the fact that money itself is often a tool of abusers.

And yet relatively few studies have looked at economic abuse, which is what Cheryl endured. That study and subsequent research suggest that coerced debt is a common form of abuse.

Absa Law for You, upholds and protects your legal rights

Some abusers commit straightforward identity fraud, taking money or credit from a partner without their knowledge by pretending to be them via online applications or other means; some use violence or physical intimidation to force a partner to take out a loan or sign a lease. But proving that someone forced you to take out loans or credit cards without your consent is difficult, especially when two people are married or have merged their finances.

An analysis by the public policy advocacy group Texas Appleseed found that only three states — New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Ohio — have a broader definition of identity theft that could protect people who were forced to consent to their money being spent. That leaves people like Cheryl indebted, unless they can win in the arduous process of fighting creditors and credit bureaus. Lisalyn Jacobs, an attorney and adviser at the Center for Survivor Agency and Justice who has worked on four different versions of the Violence Against Women Act, said that in the reauthorization process, economic abuse went unmentioned.

The reauthorization of VAWA would have added economic abuse to the definitions of domestic violence, but Congress let it lapse.

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As policymakers develop a more nuanced understanding of domestic violence and as consumer credit becomes easier to obtain, the problem is beginning to get more attention. The podcast Dirty John discussed at length how the titular character stole money from his wife and threatened to financially ruin her, yet he was depicted as an exceptional scammer rather than a man who commits economic abuse.

Does a Spouse Stealing Money Qualify for a Divorce?

Tina Turner with Ike Turner in and Mariah Carey with Tommy Mottola in faced financial difficulties when they ended their marriages. She found a link between relationship violence and bankruptcy — women filing for bankruptcy were much more likely to have experienced abuse than the general population. She also thought that bankruptcy caused stress, and stress increased violence.

Status of Property

But when she talked to domestic violence advocates and attorneys, they told her the opposite was true: Men who were already abusive were causing bankruptcies by driving their partners into debt through underhanded means. The advocates told Littwin they had worked with women who discovered fraudulent credit cards in their name, and women who were forced to take out loans for their husbands or boyfriends.

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Divorce Theft

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