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One Family’s Toll on a Cruel Day: 7 Children With Amputated Legs

She told Metro. None of us had a clue what was going on.

A wave of explosions as worshipers celebrated Mass

Passengers desperately tried to look to each other for answers and began praying, as one woman tried to reassure everyone they would be alright. It was terrifying. Just like officer Scott Mackenzie, Nicky feels unable to get over the trauma of the bombings without thanking the pair who came to her aid without question in one of the worst moments of her life. The Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital was located about 1, meters from the hypocenter.

Colombo extends state of emergency – Sri Lanka attacks

Hospital rooms, with their window frames blown out, were exposed to the outside, and many injured laid on the thin futons that had been spread out closely across the floor. Hospital staff, they themselves injured, provided round the clock care for victims. Because the First Elementary School now, Hiroshima Municipal Dambara Junior High School was undamaged by fire, it served as a relief station until October, with part of the schoolyard serving as a temporary crematorium. On the seventh, rice balls arrived from surrounding towns and villages.

Tunisia bans face veils in public institutions after three bombings in one week

Many were distributed to people who had collapsed along the roads, but some had no energy to eat and just held on to the rice balls. Of all the plans the Defense Headquarters had put in place, the rice ball plan was the only one we actually carried out.

In the event of air raid, those communities will make rice balls and run them to Hiroshima. The city can pay for the rice later. Children of survivors are also concerned because lab studies of mice do show genetic mutations in the offspring of parents exposed to radiation.

Grant says there is now technology to look for genetic markers that could indicate radiation-induced mutations that could, in turn, be linked to health issues. She says the government should extend the bomb survivor support laws, just in case. She says that in itself is a burden.

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Hiroshima Immediately after the Bombing

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After the Bombing After the Bombing
After the Bombing After the Bombing
After the Bombing After the Bombing
After the Bombing After the Bombing
After the Bombing After the Bombing
After the Bombing After the Bombing
After the Bombing After the Bombing
After the Bombing After the Bombing

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