The Decline and Fall of the United States

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Of course, Blacks will take what they can get, just like any other groups, who live in a corrupt society. At the same time, there is no group Blacks despise more than white liberals, even if they find them useful. Just continue to be blind to the synthesis between the cultural Marxists and the transnational globalists currently at work destroying our individual liberties, our middle class, and the constitutional government of the United Sates. The plantation the left has constructed for Blacks is nothing compared to what they and their corporate sponsors have in mind for all of us.

A one world government will definitely be totalitarian. Thanks for saving me the time of breaking down the numbers for the BLMers too lazy or stupid to concern themselves with actual facts or common sense. Alexis would be proud of you. Unfortunately, as well and as compellingly as you write, few will actually read and take the time to digest your words. People are lazy and need their information distilled into characters or less.

That is what the U. According to the Washington Post, there were 74 white men age killed by police this year and 69 black men of the same age…so who is wrong? The cure? It is religious ideology that is at the root cause of that which surprises you. It blinds many including the women you decry to the things you see clearly. I make a distinction between religious ideology and theism.

One does not have to resort to the Bible, or to theological terms like the sanctity of the human soul to be pro-life. Such nonsense is a political myth, and nothing more than an act to justify evil. Any destruction to such an organism is no different than the destruction of a child after birth. Despicable human beings like Barack Obama had no problem supporting the idea that an unborn child intended for abortion could still be aborted, if the abortion failed, and the child was in fact born.

It takes a tremendous amount of narcissism and greed for a woman to be willing to allow her unborn child to be slaughtered in the wound. More importantly, it speaks of one who neither knows or trusts God, but instead desires to be her own god. If the abortionists in our society had worked with the pro-lifers solutions could have been found even for those among the poor.

The many declines and falls of the American Empire

From a Christian perspective, one can find forgiveness for such an egregious act against the greatest gift God has bestowed upon women and women alone. Jane Roe Roe vs Wade did. Unfortunately, the very narcissism and selfishness that leads to such acts is committed by souls, most of whom will never seek forgiveness, or even desire to know God. Sadly, the logic and reason of your previous post has degenerated into the blind ideology of this post.

You have misconstrued my words in classic strawman fashion in order for you to make it easier for you to attack what I actually wrote. Lucila might not even be a woman. I believe in the right to choose. And my belief has nothing to do with religion. Abortion, many times is a selfish act. It stops all the potential that a living being might have in life.

It seems that would be a heavy weight for a would be mother or father to carry the rest of their life. Thanks for your comments. Me, too — Lady Moon. Completely baffles me as well. These days the misogyny messages are incredible. The corporate media making millions spewing evil nonsense about the real lives of women they know nothing about..

Hello LadyMoon, As always, you bring some insight to other perspectives. However, have you thought of the negative effects on the lives of women that are forced to abort? I would say that you will find some very interesting effects on women, especially the kind that leaves them weeping, hurting, depressed, and troubled — simply because someone said they would be ok. Either way, the goal is not to be biased.

By the way, I am glad your mother kindly speaking made a choice to give birth to you.

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It is good to read your posts. The clown who wrote this article is a host for the television network Russia Today whose primary purpose is to cast the United States in a negative light. There are also plenty of anti-American clowns in our expat community who were failures in a system where you were expected to work and perform and who spent their lives resenting the success of others.

They have adopted the leftist talking point that corporations are evil; they romanticize anti-democratic figures like Castro, Chavez and Correa; they root for the failure of the United States. These are the true Ugly Americans including many Canadians in our community, rather than the decrepit old men or women at SuperMaxi who gets frustrated over their inability to communicate. It is a shame that you have so much unresolved anger. I do not know you and I have made no personal attacks nor would I. Someone has hacked my account. I am trying to change it.

I am very sorry about this and I apologize that this has happened. Even if his account truly was hacked, the message that was posted was not directed to you…it was directed to StillAlive. Rather than ad hominem attacks against Hedges, why not state your arguments against the positions he advances in this article?

Your first paragraph is pure ad hominem; your second paragraph is little more than a disjointed, unsubstantiated, generalizing smear of Cuenca expats with whom you disagree politically. Hedges possesses an incredible curriculum vitae; his experience and education provide a solid platform on which to base his views. On which points do you specifically disagree with him?

The Decline and Fall of the American Republic — Bruce Ackerman | Harvard University Press

Ad hominem? What an incredibly naive comment. It hires useful stooges like Chris Hedges who are more than happy to go on the air and repeat ad nauseam that the U. Here is one of his more moronic comments from that demonstrate his anti-democratic leanings, like so many of the traitorous clowns in this expat community who are the Real Ugly Americans RUA including many Canadians :. Nations like Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador. Ad hominem: This is an attack on the character of a person rather than his or her opinions or arguments.

You are attempting to refute an accusation of ad hominem by penning yet another ad hominem. And yes, Still, I do know that I just committed the same fallacy. Deal with it. I agree completely with the points you raise about Hedges. You know very well how few critical thinkers, writers and readers actually take the time to read these posts with care. By the way, Hedges may have correctly made the observations you have restated and pointed out, but he is still a statist stooge as StillAlive points out.

Similarly, I pay faulkner the same respect when he writes something I either agree with or appreciate for its insight. Thus, I am in agreement with you and Hedges in all of the areas you enumerate. I Came across this piece this morning and thought you might find it interesting. It speaks of the usual rationalization for accepting further erosion of civil liberties in the U. Thanks for the article. The US just keeps circling the drain in regard to personal liberty and freedom…all in the name of safety and security of which it offers absolutely none and which, I contend, it actually worsens because of blowback.

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Us and them. How dare you point out that the emperor has no clothes? Boring, self-serving, neo-apocolyptic drivel without support of one shred of evidence. Not that I disagree with ill effects of corruption, crony-capitalism, fiscal irresponsibilty, etc. Investors from all over the globe continue to think the U. These are smart people who evaluate risk very carefully. Same theory, the dollar is an idicator of global confidence. People from all over the world still want to come to America, not the other way around. Are you talking about the same brilliant geniuses who brought us the crash of , when the stock market was also at then-record highs?

The same brilliant lights who have maintained interest rate levels near zero for 10 years, allowing them to recapitalize for free at the expense of risk-averse savers? However, the whole point of the article was to remind the reader of the factual history of previous empires, the elements that accompanied their downfalls, and the similarities between those declines and those of present-day America.

As a teacher, I say read and learn to think. Turn off the U. TV news and talk with others you do not agree with but whom you appreciate from whatever country you are from. It is a bad time for much of the world. If Lichtman had written his commentary in response, he would have gotten few arguments. He essentially says that he disagrees because Hedges is an idiot and everything is just peachy in LaLaLand. And all the Wizards of Oz say so. My post was poorly conceived, poorly worded, and unintentionally misdirected. His argument was based solely on his hatred for Hedges and his position that all is well in LaLaLand despite historical precedent to the contrary, ergo my reference to Burry and Regarding your question about your aunt and uncle, in light of the current insanity over gender identification, I respectfully decline to answer.

I have nothing but condescension for those that condemn based on source an not on content. I would rather read a source critically and then rip it apart based on actual holes in the thesis rather than summary dismissal. Sadly, in this politically correct environment, this is seldom appreciated.

Intellectual rigor annoys people because it interferes with the satisfaction they get from allowing their wishes to be the father of their thoughts. Note, I have no problem calling trump, berger, faulkner and globetrotters liars. Dream on — travel in Europe and South America. Sadly,I love my country and the U. Many are depressed and frightened by Mr. Trump and his allies.

Check it out, if you dare…. The only people depressed by Mr. Trump and his allies are Marxists like you. Hopefully, you will stay depressed for a very long time, unless you begin to see the light. There are over six billion people in the world and easily five billion would move to the U.

America in Decline - Bigger Than Five

I travel to Europe frequently. You should try talking to people in Europe who are not part of the leftist elite, who must be the only people you meet in the streets. Thanks to the international banksters and their E. Western Civilization is collapsing in Western Europe, and its is inevitable according to demographers. One group of demographers, based on their research from two years ago—even before the huge influx of Muslims over the last two years, who were deliberately brought in by European leaders to destroy the middle class and the sovereignty of European nation-states—claim that Western Europe will collapse in the next decade.

The demographers will not pinpoint a year. Even if all newly arriving Muslims were kept out of the continent tomorrow, and every young Western European were dedicated to producing one additional child from the current average for their age group, it will not be enough to prevent the inevitable collapse of Western Civilization in Western Europe. The American people are sick of folks like you who accuse everybody who will not bend their will to your Marxist agenda and philosophy of being racists, misogynists, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, sexists; your list and name calling is endless.

Where people increasingly lose their jobs or their executive positions, where they are beaten at rallies, where they are censored or demonetized by the various social medias for expressing conservative views or otherwise, because they support a different candidate with a different philosophy from yours, or continue to see their schools taken over by you Marxists. Ninety percent of university professors are left of center, the various minority studies programs and much of the liberal arts programs are hard core Marxist indoctrination centers.

Free speech is dead on many of these campuses, particularly in their hallmark campus of Berekley. Ninety percent of the American news media is left of center. The cultural media of Hollywood, art, and theater, is ninety percent left of center. Anyone publically conservative in Hollywood knows they are cutting their own career and monetary throats, which is why hardly any conservative goes public until after they are beyond their prime and success in Hollywood. If anyone has any reason to leave America, it is conservatives. Sweeping generalizations; yes, you and Lady Moon indulge in them frequently from reading your posts over a period of time.

I always considered myself to be a classical liberal, whereby there was to be a free discussion of ideas that may result overtime in change. It was what are liberal-arts universities once were. A Marxist view of education, is an agenda of educating people to bring about an upheaval and destruction of society, and not to tolerate anybody who stands in the way of that change. Marxists, and nihilists like Antifa, and deconstructionists—all of whom are not mutually exclusive groups—want to destroy the existing institutions and the culture, either in their own image and likeness, or without any idea or caring of what may transpire.

However, there is, in my opinion, much yet worth preserving or revitalizing in the United States; especially in its traditional values of liberty, personal responsibility, inventiveness, and family responsibility.

See a Problem?

From the educational system, to the corporate structure, to the government bureaucracy, to the casino gambling, to the speculative economic system, to the blatantly one-sided media, to religious structures and family structures which are failing us, to our hedonistic value system; the list is endless. However, Marxism and its cohort transnational corporatism is not the answer to remaining a free people. You self-describe yourself as a classical liberal as do I yet you enthusiastically support Trump and—unless I misunderstand you— disagree with the points Hedges elucidates in his article.

How can you reconcile your support for Trump, your avowed classical liberalism, and his continuation and in most cases, his amplification of these policies which are in total opposition to classical liberalism? Just a lot of angry, misplaced blather,,,. Scary scenario backed up by facts. There are no facts in this article. See my challenge to StillAlive below which is to refute the facts presented, not what you think the article said without reading it. Great article, nice historical perspective, and full of the kind of thing people mock me for saying.

Not a bad piece.. But Trump and America have made the predicted fall rapid and current. We all have a ringside seat on history. The writer also stretches to find reasons. No need. Both countries are utterly controlled by their tiniest percentage group the super wealthy and that group does NOT want to be taxed. There is no fresh prospect that they will be in either country. The world is now lining up behind Russia, Europe or China. I feel bad for Americans, but it internationally, the US is now seen as you would a not-all-there relative who flatulates a lot at family gatherings.

How true. Everything ends and the world moves on. And it will go on for as long as the establishment can get away with it. So relax and enjoy the ride while you can. Skip to content.

On The Decline and Fall of The American Empire and Socialism

Subscribe to get Ecuador News to your inbox. Expat Life Selling off the pieces, one by one Sicilian town abandoned after devastating earthquake 50 years ago hopes to repopulate with the help of foreign investors Is rice responsible for overweight and obesity? Myths and facts about rice I know to wash the chicken poop off the eggs but how can you tell when they go bad? July We complain about Ecuador, may give thanks i time. Did you even bother to read what Hedges wrote? Say baa and take your chill pill. That would be a reversion back to lunacy.

I like it.

Failure at the center has left the United States up for sale to the highest bidder.

You have adequately demonstrated that you understand redundancy. If Trump is behaving like a Roman emperor, what does that say about the state of the American empire, the informal hegemony that the United States has enjoyed since ? The speed with which we're recapitulating the decline and fall of Rome is impressive. What took Rome centuries we're achieving in months.

The reality of imperial decline is hard to dispute, albeit with qualifications. Paul Kennedy argued in his book The Rise and Fall of Great Powers that America was entering a period of long-term relative decline. The American empire, which more mainstream scholars prefer to describe in softer terms as global hegemony or the liberal international order, has always rested on three pillars: economic strength, military might, and the soft power of cultural dominance. Relative American decline in economic power is almost inevitable given the rising clout of nations like China and India.

As Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs observed in In , the US share of world income measured in purchasing power parity prices was In , it was The IMF projects that it will decline to China, by contrast, was a mere 2.

The Decline and Fall of the United States The Decline and Fall of the United States
The Decline and Fall of the United States The Decline and Fall of the United States
The Decline and Fall of the United States The Decline and Fall of the United States
The Decline and Fall of the United States The Decline and Fall of the United States
The Decline and Fall of the United States The Decline and Fall of the United States

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